Understanding COVID-19 Impact On Pre-School Kids

It’s no secret that many of our students have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Education plans have been disrupted and meaningful milestones missed out on. However, while we are listening to the concerns of our older children, have we taken the time to understand what our youngest students are going through? The COVID-19 impact on pre-school kids is not to be underestimated; early childhood education plays a critical role in a child’s life and missing out on early milestones can be detrimental in later life.

Understanding COVID-19 Impact On Pre-School Kids

Never Assume Kids Will Just “Bounce Back”

We have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, children and adults alike. While the changes you go through from your 35th year to 37th year may not be overly significant, the changes a child goes through from their formative years sure are. Never assume that your pre-school kids are “too young” to remember or that they will “bounce back” when things go back to normal. For some children, the impact of virtual learning and/or a lack of interaction with peers can lead to mental health problems and negative developmental patterns.

Regression in Previously Acquired Skills

We now know that many of the skills critical to functioning in modern society are acquired by the time we enter grade school. Children who have never attended kindergarten or who have only done so virtually are missing out on the critical skills they need to navigate various social and academic settings.

Healthy socialization is vital to the mental health of all individuals, regardless of age group. However, missing out on it as a pre-school aged child can result in regression. You may find that your child is more anxious or irritable than usual or even start wetting the bed again.

Developmental of Mental Health Difficulties

While major life changes have the potential to impact anyone’s life, remember that children up to the age of six are developing very rapidly and as a result, any disruptions can impact them immensely. Children are not “protected” from stress because they are too young to understand; in fact, they can pick up on the cues emanated by their parents and/or caregivers. Following averse or traumatic experiences, children can develop mental health difficulties that disrupt normal functioning and development.

ResumeYour Child’s Academic Journey with Firefly Tutors

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has had a massive impact on us all, and if your pre-school aged child has missed out on attending school, you may wish to retain a semblance of normality in their lives. Firefly Tutors can assist you with matching your child to a tutor who understands their learning needs and styles and can get them up to par on what they have missed out on.

Beyond academic excellence, our tutors focus on inculcating a love of learning in our students and developing a healthy sense of self-esteem. We are pleased to offer tutoring services in a diverse range of subjects from K to 12th on an in-home, online, or homeschooling basis.


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