Transitioning Your Child To Homeschooling

Is your child currently in the midst of transitioning to home schooling? Or are you considering helping your child make the change from a private or public school to homeschool? Either way, making the change to homeschool is a fairly big change for your child, and it is important that they get adequate support along the way. If you are wondering how you are going to teach your child, you can also consider engaging personalized homeschool tutors that customize lesson plans according to your child’s needs. Read on to find out more about how parents can better support their children as their children make the step towards homeschooling.

Transitioning Your Child To Homeschooling

How Difficult Is the Transition?

The entire transition process and the difficulty a child experiences largely depends on their personality, age as well as the relationship between the child and the parents. Generally, younger children tend to face fewer issues when they make the transition from an institutional school as they tend to be more accepting and less resistant to change. A good parent-child relationship can help as well. When parents are close to their children, children will be more open to the support and advice that parents have for them, thus minimizing the likelihood of a child facing a difficult transition.

For children that exhibit behavioral issues, especially those that stem from your child hanging out with the wrong crowd, the entire transition phase may be more challenging. It is not possible to account for all the different issues your child may face when it comes to transitioning to homeschooling. Hence, it is important for parents to be prepared to support children emotionally no matter what problems may arise.

Dealing with Your Child’s Social Anxiety

One of the most common problems children face when making the transition is social anxiety. This stems from their fear of losing contact with their existing friend, or having an irrational worry that they will no longer be able to have friends when they start homeschooling. If your child has been part of a private or public institution all their lives, it is likely that peer pressure in these schools has resulted in children having a habit of group thinking. This means that they perceive whatever everyone else is doing to be trendy, and whatever they are not doing to be strange or weird. Although homeschooling is becoming increasingly common, your child may not know any other home schoolers and may find that people who homeschool are weird because it is not the norm.

In such cases, parents have the responsibility to assure their children and to let them understand that homeschoolers are not weird, but just adopt a different route of learning. Parents should also spend time understanding the worries of their children, and giving them guidance and advice on how to deal with this new stage of their lives.

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