Top Five Reasons Students Struggle With Math

Math. You either love or hate it. Math is a subject many students struggle with, and it is not unusual to hear them grumble about it being “too difficult” or “boring”. Why is this a view shared by so many students out there? What is it about math that makes it so challenging to study? Here are some common reasons why students struggle with math class.

Top Five Reasons Students Struggle With Math

Challenges with Learning

Many students suffer from math anxiety: their ability to do well in math is crippled by a fear of failure. When confronted with math, the immense pressure and lack of confidence they have give them brain fog, rendering them unable to remember concepts they know. Some students have dyscalculia, a learning difficulty that causes students to struggle with formulas and number-related concepts. This makes math problems difficult to grasp and process. These students typically lag behind their peers and have math-related struggles that remain unresolved despite constant practice. However, the majority of students struggle because they simply lack the proper foundation required to succeed.

No Room for Error

Unlike most subjects, there is a definite right or wrong it comes to math. You either understand what you are doing or not. This can result in math becoming a stressful and frustrating subject for students to tackle.

Hard To Relate to

Math is a subject that is quite abstract. When students can apply what they are learning to real-life situations, they are more likely to remember it. That can be tough to execute especially since math is a cumulative subject that becomes progressively more complicated. As a result, many students find themselves having to study harder and practice for longer periods of time in order to grasp more abstract concepts. They may also end up relying on memorization instead of trying to understand the problems.

It Has a Bad Reputation

Math has a bad reputation of being a tough and boring subject. Many students are simply uninterested in learning about math and also anticipate it to be challenging. As such, they prefer to only complete the bare minimum, which is not going to help with their success in math class. They are also more likely to give up when confronted by problems they cannot comprehend. Having such a pessimistic mindset can become a downward spiral, resulting in a lack of motivation and confidence, and poor performance.

It Requires Tons of Practice

Math is a subject that requires time and plenty of practice to grasp. Since many students do not enjoy doing math, getting them to sit down and work on it can be challenging. Without the essential practice, students have a poor foundation and can struggle to keep up with concepts taught in class.  

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