The Impact Of COVID-19 On Tutoring Services

Private tutoring is one of the most widely used learning methodologies for improving a student’s overall academic performance. Factors such as an ever-increasing population, the expanding need for education, the growing number of schools and educational institutions, and the subsequent increase in student admissions throughout the world continue to fuel demand for private tutoring services. Due to COVID-19, the shift to remote or online learning has led to diminished quality and quantity of instruction for millions of students across the US. This has led to an increase in demand for private tutoring services. Here are some facts and figures that show the relationship between COVID-19 and tutoring.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Tutoring Services

General Trends

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the private tutoring global market, estimated at US$123.8 billion in 2020, is expected to reach a revised value of US$201.8 billion by 2026, increasing at an 8.4 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the period of analysis. The popularity of supplemental education and tutoring services is growing in both developed and developing nations. Competitive entrance examinations are required in most countries for admission to prestigious colleges and institutions. The private tutoring industry is also driven by the increasing student population in schools and colleges, as well as a lack of teaching staff and adequate funding, which make students and their parents more inclined to seek extra academic support and guidance through private tutoring services.

Online Tutoring

Guidelines and regulations imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a surge in online and remote classes. Many parents have engaged the services provided by online tutors to keep their children motivated and engaged in their schoolwork. Since 2015, the remote tutoring industry has grown by 13.9 percent yearly. The market was predicted to be worth US$1.3 billion in 2020, and is estimated to expand by US$12.81 billion from 2020 to 2024. While it is difficult to predict how quickly the remote and online tutoring industry will grow in the months to come, the popularity of online tutoring has definitely increased as of late. Many believe that clients and parents engage in online tutoring services due to the benefits they bring, like convenience and flexibility.

Tutoring Amid COVID-19

Tutoring services and programs have consistently yielded educational benefits, presenting one possible strategy to offset pandemic-related learning loss, according to decades of thorough evaluation. Aside from making up for lost class time, tutoring promotes an enhanced learning experience by tailoring teaching methods to individual students' abilities and learning styles. Furthermore, one-on-one lessons may allow for better engagement and faster feedback, fewer distractions, and the benefits of a consistent relationship with a tutor, which fosters human connection, mentorship, and socialization.

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