Negative Numbers used in ALGEBRA

Negative Numbers used in ALGEBRA

Negative Numbers used in ALGEBRA

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Algebra students in Fullerton have been studying negative numbers for years.  At first, negative numbers can seem difficult, even ominous.  How can a number be less than zero?  How can a person add, subtract, multiply, or divide an algebraic expression with negative numbers?

But with the help of A Plus In Home Algebra Tutors in Fullerton, negative numbers can quickly become easy!

First off, what is a negative number?  In Algebra (and all math), a negative number is less than zero.  Fullerton banks and financial experts use negative numbers all the time, and an Algebra tutor can give you real life examples too.  One is debt.  If a student owes money, or has a bank account balance of less than zero due to over spending, they are in the negative.  Another example is in very cold temperatures.  When it is below freezing outside, it is below zero degrees Celsius.  The temperature outside is negative.  Another way to explain negative numbers is with subtraction.  A student may have an “Ah-ha!” moment when their Algebra tutor explains that subtraction is the same as adding a negative number. Negative numbers can also be explained by using a number line.  In the picture above, everything to the left of zero is a negative number.

Algebra and Pre-Algebra students can have a tutor help them draw a number line when they get stuck on simple addition and subtraction problems with negative numbers.

An Algebraic expression using negative numbers could look like the following: -3x + (-4) = 9 A tutor may suggest that the student will find it easier to write this as a subtraction problem: -3x – 4 = 9

From there, an effective Tutor will show their Algebra student how to add four to both sides to eliminate the negative number:

-3x – 4 + 4 = 9 + 4 -3x = 12 We have another negative number, the negative three.  However, the same steps as with a positive Algebraic expression apply.  Divide by the same number on both sides, even if it is a negative: -3x/-3 = 12/-3 X = 4 These are a few simple examples of negative numbers used in Algebra. If you or your student is having a hard time understanding Algebra,

A Plus In Home Tutors offers Algebra tutoring to increase your understanding and improve your grades.

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