How To Tell If Pod Tutoring Is Right For Your Child

The start of a new school year raises new concerns. With local school systems either embarking on remote learning or incorporating blended learning options, some parents are wondering how their children can receive additional support. With pod tutoring, small groups of students receive skilled tutoring from private tutors in a regulated setting at home. Although pod learning is not a new concept, it is unfamiliar ground for many parents on their first foray into remote learning and homeschooling. Here is how to determine whether pod tutoring is right for you and your child, and the benefits it brings.

How To Tell If Pod Tutoring Is Right For Your Child

Who is Pod Tutoring Suitable For?

Given that pod learning is designed for students across families or in a single-family, it can fit the shared learning goals of everyone. It is helpful for small groups of up to six students with similar learning needs. Lessons can be customized to individual abilities and learning styles without worrying about any student lagging behind. Students are guided by tutors in a creative and engaging way, giving parents more time for themselves, regardless of whether they are involved in the learning process or not. Not only is pod tutoring flexible and versatile, but it also provides opportunities for social interaction among students.

Having Realistic Expectations

As a parent, the suitability and success of pod tutoring depend on your goals. Some parents seek opportunities for their child to learn alongside a diverse group of students, while others prefer lessons to be conducted for a group of like-minded students with similar personalities and learning styles. Some families wish to only work with families they are well-acquainted with, while others want their child to make new friends. It is important for each family to define their expectations and goals they wish to achieve from pod tutoring, before building it up from there.

Common Challenges

Finding children and families that can learn well together will be difficult and it requires some trial and error. Communicating with other parents and your child, and getting a head start on preparation, can take time. Finding suitable space, especially in light of COVID-19, may prove to be a challenge. It will be necessary to discuss and adhere to safety measures. Families must recognize the varying concerns echoed by every individual, and be flexible. Families also need to work on their schedules and adapt to any changes made to the school year.

Choosing The Best Learning Option

Always consider the specific needs, personality, and learning style of your child before making a decision. You can encourage your child to grow academically by finding the right pod tutoring service that shares your expectations and goals.

Embark on Pod Tutoring with Firefly Tutors

Conducted by professional, experienced tutors, Firefly Tutors’ personalized tutoring services in a variety of subjects are available in all 50 states across the US. We strive for each and every one of our students to maximize their strengths and uncover their full potential. If you are interested in pod tutoring, contact us today and our team at Firefly Tutors can help to assess if our pod tutoring services are a good fit for your child.


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