How Effective Is Online Tutoring?

Are you considering enrolling your child in an online tutoring course? Read on to find out how online tutoring can be effective and beneficial for you.

How Effective Is Online Tutoring?

How Effective Is Online Tutoring?

With the many advances made in technology, online tutoring has increasingly become the norm – allowing tutors to connect with students from all over the world. While the effectiveness of online tutoring has been a point of contention among many parents, with worries of distractions and lack of interactivity being the primary concerns, there are more benefits to online tutoring than you think.

How Does the Student Benefit?

First, the student will have more control over their learning, being able to access tutors in specialized fields from all over the world. This feature benefits university and college students pursuing their majors in specific disciplines and will need a professional educator with more sophisticated and advanced knowledge. In addition, students will have more flexibility with their schedule and schedule sessions and classes beyond the standard working hours.

With the advanced technology we have today, it is much easier to facilitate effective learning by using different technological functions.  They include screen recording to create lectures videos, learning portals as a one-stop website for students to access learning resources and materials, and reviewing and tracking tools as a way for tutors to provide effective and constructive feedback.

Additionally, it eschews all the social pressure of attending in-person classes, allowing more introverted and anxious people to better participate in class without feeling self-conscious. Certain functions on conference call applications can help eliminate external distractions such as noise and allow students to direct their full attention to the speaker (tutor) while facilitating more productive discussions.

The Potential of Online Learning

Fully utilizing the benefits of technological advances can help facilitate an equally, if not more conducive, environment for students to learn from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, with the architecture and framework of digital technologies making communication from all around the world fully accessible to students, they no longer need to restrict their learning to their geographical location – allowing them to connect with tutors from a diverse range of disciplines.

Through using digital learning tools such as class recording, educational databases, digital libraries, and other electronic materials, online tutoring can be an enriching and effective way of learning and encourage more motivation in proactive learning.

A highly qualified and experienced tutor will utilize these tools to reinforce memory retention better and help simplify more advanced applications of complex theories and concepts, improving the student's learning outcomes.

Who is Suitable for Online Tutoring?

While online tutoring has proven effective for many individuals, younger children might require more adult supervision and guidance during the lessons due to their shorter attention and interest span. There may also be cause for security concerns to prevent unsolicited encounters of dangers.

However, this learning style will be ideal for high-school and university students due to their prior knowledge in technology while helping to instill a sense of independence and facilitate more proactive, self-directed learning.

The Effective Learning Solution

Whether it's to find the right words to finish that essay or finding the right formula to solve the last math question, FireFly Tutors is committed to helping our students unlock their inner potential and provide the guidance they need to succeed academically. Our tutors specialize in a wide variety of different subjects and customize their teaching methods to suit your child's unique learning style better. To learn more about the tutoring services we provide, please feel free to contact us.


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