How Does Tutoring Help Students?

If your child is lagging behind or struggling with schoolwork, you might need to intervene, in order to prevent them from losing confidence or interest in learning. This is where tutoring comes in. The large classroom size in school comes with a huge responsibility. Teachers may not be able to get through to a young student and may find it challenging to prioritize the needs and questions of one student over the others. Here is how tutoring helps students.

How Does Tutoring Help Students?

Individual Instruction

In traditional schools, large class sizes give teachers little time to spend with individual students. Students who require extra one-on-one instruction may find themselves lost or unable to keep up with the learning material. However, with one-on-one or small-group tutoring, the constraints of the classroom disappear and the student receives undivided attention. This kind of environment makes learning simpler, less stressful, and more fun for the student.

Personalized Attention

Students require guidance and instruction from their teachers. The younger the student, the more guidance they need. As previously mentioned, the greater the number of pupils in a classroom, the more difficult it is for the teacher to cater to every student’s needs. Students must follow instructions that the teacher implements in a classroom setting, regardless of learning styles and abilities. Unfortunately, students who may be struggling to grasp concepts and follow along with the lesson are disadvantaged. Tutoring enables the student to receive personalized attention through a specially crafted lesson plan, ensuring that their questions do not go unheard.

Targeted Interests

In a large classroom setting, appealing to the interests of every student is practically impossible. For example, students may find it easy to write essays on their favorite topics for subjects like English and Creative Writing but may find math or science lessons taught according to the standard curriculum boring. With tutoring, however, the tutor can find ways to incorporate the student’s specific interests into the lesson plan, making the learning experience more engaging and stimulating.

Plans Tailored to Individual Learning Styles

Unlike the generic teaching style employed by teachers in a traditional classroom setting, skilled tutors take the time to understand the student’s hobbies, specific learning styles, and needs. A tutoring environment allows the tutor to design a teaching plan tailored to the student’s strengths and needs so as to ensure optimal success and academic achievement. Some students experience stress and struggle with learning – tutoring helps to address those issues at the source and work with the student to overcome their challenges.

Benefit from Tutoring Services by Firefly Tutors

Here at Firefly Tutors, we provide personalized in-home, online, home school, and pod tutoring services for Pre-K through 12th and college students in a variety of subjects across the US. Unlike other tutoring companies, we strive for our students to learn valuable and relevant life skills beyond the traditional classroom. If you are interested to engage our tutoring services, feel free to contact us, and our team at Firefly Tutors can help to assess if our tutoring services are a good fit for your child or student.


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