Best Ways To Prepare For The SATs

We like to think we did a wonderful job developing the greatest SAT study program. Learn how to adapt your study preferences to best prepare for SATs

Best Ways To Prepare For The SATs

We like to think we did a wonderful job developing the greatest SAT study program. If only Firefly Tutors could conduct your studying for you! Unfortunately, figuring out what kind of study regimen works best for you and will best prepare you to succeed is one of the problems you'll confront with the SAT. Because there is no such thing as a uniform SAT study regimen, no single plan is suitable for all types of students. In fact, students who took the SAT had very varied methods and focused on very different things. Learn how to adapt your study preferences to best prepare for SATs.

SATs Don’t Have to Be Difficult

In general, we recommend beginning your SAT preparation as soon as possible. Three months before your test should give you ample time to experiment with different study methods and become familiar with the test topic. Check out these suggestions for more ways to study and manage your time:

  • Take at least two full practice exams

We recommend taking one fully-timed practice test at the start and one towards the end of your studies.  We also advise taking at least one of the two practice tests on paper, so you can simulate the conditions on test day. Taking a full-length practice test gives you a realistic idea of how lengthy the test will be and where you'll feel tired or stuck.

  • Familiarize yourself with the instructions for each test segment

For each SAT, the order of the sections and the directions for each portion will be the same. On Test Day, the time you spend attempting to understand the instructions is time squandered.

  • Think outside the box when studying for the SAT

Combine SAT preparation with general skill development such as reading editorial pieces or essays. There's no better way to reinforce a skill and deepen your comprehension than to put what you've learned into practice.

  • Take a break the night before the exam

It's critical that you're rested and relaxed when you take the exam. Last-minute studying might add to your stress, impair your confidence, and exhaust you. Instead, do something relaxing and pleasurable, such as watching a favorite movie or playing soccer with friends, to divert your attention away from the test and put yourself in a good mood.

  • Set yourself up for success on test day

Go to bed early the night before the test and get at least 8 hours of sleep. On Saturday, get up early to give your brain plenty of time to warm up before the SAT, and have a full, healthy breakfast to avoid being distracted by hunger or pain throughout the exam. Also, don't forget to prepare your materials ahead of time!

Learn Effective Prep with Firefly Tutors

So, how does the SAT practice offered by Firefly Tutors fit into your study routine? Again, there is no standardized solution. At Firefly Tutors, we provide a customized study strategy depending on your abilities and are available seven days a week, allowing you to use the program at your own speed. As part of their personalized curriculum, which is geared to your individual needs, our tutors will assist you from full-length practice examinations to practice questions that reinforce concepts with speed. Please contact us right away!


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