6 Tips On Assisting Your Child With Homework

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your child seems to have problems with their homework, and you wonder about what you can do to help them? If so, fret not. This article aims to help parents better assist children with their homework.

6 Tips On Assisting Your Child With Homework

Studies have shown the students with parents that have an active interest in their homework and schoolwork tend to perform better than parents who do not. Being actively concerned in their work goes to show children that the homework they do is important. As such, parents do play a role in the performance of their child’s grades. However, being active in their work doesn’t simply mean providing them with answers and sitting with them for hours on the desk. Instead, parents can support their children by explaining tricky problems and demonstrating good time management, studying, and organization skills. The following is a non-exhaustive list of tips for parents that want to guide their child on their homework.

  • Schedule a Fixed Time for Studying

Having a routine is of utmost importance so that your children have the habit of learning. Some children work best right after school while some learn better during the night. Find out which works best for your child.

  • Minimize Distractions

If your child is trying to study, turning the TV on to the maximum volume isn’t exactly the best thing to do. You should also avoid playing loud music or having loud phone calls with friends. Apart from these, you should also ensure that your children are not distracted by their mobile devices when it is time to study.

  • Let Kids Do Their Work Themselves

Your role as parents is not to help your children do their work, but rather guide and give directions as to what they should do next. Your children need to be able to think and solve the problems by themselves to be able to learn effectively.

  • Understand How Your Children Are in School

As you attend parent-teacher meetings, you should find out from the teachers about how your child is doing in school as well as their homework policies. You can also seek advice from teachers on how you, as parents, can be involved in helping children with their homework.

  • Praise Their Good Work and Effort

You should recognize the achievements of your child and praise their work and efforts when they perform well. For example, you could mention your child’s achievements to relatives or paste their aced projects on the refrigerator. Being recognized for their work is a good motivator for children to keep up their good work.

  • Set a Good Example

If your kids constantly see you reading a book, calculating budgets, or learning a new skill, they will naturally adopt the mindset of learning and follow in your footsteps. Kids learn best from their parents’ behavior as compared to advice.

If you find that your child still seems to be struggling with their work and you are unsure how to help them, we recommend that you look for experienced tutors like those from Firefly Tutors to help guide them with their work.


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