4 Exciting Careers for Your Math-Savvy Kid to Consider

Math is an integral part of a child’s homeschool education. Washington University graduate and Economics degree holder Amy Fontinelle explains that it isn’t hard to foster a love of this subject in childhood if it is seen outside the lens of the standard curriculum. Though math is interesting in its own right, kids need to see how truly dynamic it is for them to appreciate and understand it.

4 Exciting Careers for Your Math-Savvy Kid to Consider

If your child is already good at the subject, help them grow their talent by showing them appealing career paths they can choose if they continue to excel in math. This will help motivate them to harness their skills and give them an opportunity they can aspire to. Here are a few exciting jobs math-savvy children can consider for the future:

Video game designer

If your child is not only good at math but is also interested in playing video games, becoming a game designer can be a good career choice for them. While a fair amount of graphic design and coding skills may be needed, proficiency in math is also an essential part of the job. Understanding physics, geometry, and calculus are necessary to design a game. Our past article on ‘Deciding on a College’ highlights that it is important to consider the quality of the program each university can offer. The University of Southern California and the University of Utah hold some of the best courses in terms of video game design, so encouraging your child to aspire to get into those schools can be a great motivation for them.

Data scientist

Becoming a data analyst can be another professional path your math-savvy child can take. Maryville University’s list of lucrative careers in mathematics outlines that these professionals use data and critical thinking to formulate successful strategies for clients. Having the right credentials will ensure that organizations are making informed decisions backed up by facts and statistics which will help them grow and prosper. With every industry making use of data scientists, ranging from healthcare to entertainment, this career choice is flexible, dynamic, and lucrative. If your child has a wide range of interests and goals, they should consider this path as it can open up many avenues for them.

Field Scientist

Many kids dream of being a field scientist and if your child is math-savvy, this can be a viable career path. Fact Monster lists some of the popular specializations when it comes to this profession. These include being a chemist, meteorologist, and astronomer– all of which require a high level of understanding when it comes to numbers and equations. Most of the programs that your child can take to become a scientist involve many math courses, making it an important skill to have if they want to have this job in the future. Stanford, MIT, and Harvard are some of the biggest schools in the country known for their excellence in the subject matter so a degree from any one of these will give them one foot into the world of becoming a scientist.


An astronaut is another job that children will often say is their dream career. Not only do these professionals get to train and work with some of the brightest minds in the country, but they are also given the possibility of working in outer space. NASA’s astronaut requirements state that people who want to apply to the program must have a master’s degree in a STEM-related field. Astronauts need to have a good understanding of engineering, as any miscalculation can put them in harm’s way. Having a degree in physics, computer engineering, or mathematics will be a great advantage for your child if they want to become an astronaut.

If you have a child who loves math and understands it greatly, it is important to continue to foster this interest as it can lead them to become successful in adulthood. Present them with these exciting job opportunities as a way to motivate them to pursue their passion for the discipline.

Written exclusively for Fireflytutors.com by guest writer Allyson Cassidy.


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