Yulia Song

Congratulations to Yulia Song, our April Firefly Tutor of the Month! She has been working with Firefly Tutors for seven months and has been tutoring, teaching, and mentoring for five years. Subjects she tutors are mathematics, reading comprehension, language skills, English, and science. 

Yulia loves being engaged in a learning environment and finds it endlessly fascinating to learn new and exciting discoveries. She enjoys helping others illuminate their potential. Her students adore her fun personality and dedication to their academic success.

She loves catching the rewarding moments when she sees students improve daily. Yulia shares a piece of advice, “Learning does not happen overnight. To succeed we have to keep trying and trying until we get it. Be patient and trust the progress you make.”

In her spare time, Yulia enjoys walking her cats around her neighborhood. When she was young, Yulia earned a gold medal at the chopstick competition.(How awesome is that) And finally, she can eat really spicy foods. (Not a talent for everyone).

Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yulia-song