Vanessa Alvarez

We celebrate Veronica Alvarez as our Firefly Tutor for December 2022. She resides in Long Beach, California and has been tutoring with Firefly Tutors for almost two years. Veronica loves meeting new students and helping them reach their highest potential!

Veronica earned her Behavioral Therapist, Behavioral Science Bachelor Degree and tutors all academic subjects from reading, science and mathematics. Veronica’s favorite subject is English and is amused by the amazing power of a good book. She loves to journey into different worlds from various authors and genres. Veronica also recently completed her Reading Specialist certification, which can also explain her love for reading.

Veronica believes in students always asking for clarification to see a different way of explaining the concept. She enjoys tutoring most when seeing a student excel and become actively engaged through inspiration. Veronica shared when a particular student surprised her. The child continued to try their best every session, and through time, reached academic levels higher than their current grade level. It was an incredible success for the student and their family.

In Veronica’s free time, she loves to hike outdoors, submerged in nature and visiting tropical destinations.Three interesting facts about Veronica are; she enjoys making natural soap and cleaning products, she loves learning new vegan recipes, and she really enjoys sunrise bike rides.