Trinity Conway

We celebrate Trinity Conway as Firefly Tutor of the Month for July 2022. She resides in Hesperia, CA. and has been tutoring for nearly 4 years. She is most happy when her students discover how to find the answer to something new.

Trinity earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from the University of California in Los Angeles. She tutors K-12th grade subjects including English, creative writing, and math.

Trinity’s favorite tip for students is to ensure the student writes down their work notes for future reference. She believes that students today have lost so much of the art of writing due to technology.

There are many proud moments as a tutor, but recently she worked with a young lady who struggled with her motivation to learn, and even struggled to attend school due to mental health anxiety. After their first session, she told Trinity she hadn't enjoyed school at all in the past few months and had barely done any school work. After their first tutoring session, her jest to learn was reignited and she looked forward to learning again. 

A favorite success scenario with Trinity occurred when working with a student who was in jeopardy of repeating a grade and falling a year behind. She was able to help them turn their academic status around in a relatively limited time frame so they could advance to the next grade level. This most recently occurred when working with a young kindergarten student who is proudly now ready for first grade. 

In Trinity’s free time, she enjoys basketball, hiking, reading, writing, and taking care of growing plants.

Interesting facts about Trinity:

  • She was the first woman to ever work at Jackie Robinson Stadium, the UCLA baseball field. 
  • Trinity is the only one of four siblings not born in July. 
  • She once sat in a movie theater with Quentin Tarantino (there were only about 15 people in the theater). How cool is that?