Taylor Nguyen

Taylor Nguyen is a dedicated tutor based in Garden Grove, CA. With a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a Master of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, Taylor has been tutoring for Firefly Tutors for the past 10 months. Specializing in Math and Chemistry, she finds immense joy in helping her students understand complex concepts and witnessing their "light-bulb moments" of comprehension.

What Taylor loves most about being a tutor is the special bond she develops with her students. She takes pride in providing structure through her organizational skills and problem-solving mindset. Additionally, Taylor appreciates the support of the Firefly team, who constantly inspire her with their creativity, passion, and commitment to excellence. Every tutoring session brings amusement as she enjoys the unique and funny ways in which her students express themselves.

Taylor's proudest moments as a tutor include receiving heartfelt gratitude from parents who credit her for their child's success. Student created handmade thank-you cards and even tickets to a student's ballet performance have made her feel appreciated and fulfilled. She constantly shares tips with her students, encouraging them to be authentic, confident, and to take deep breaths when in doubt. Taylor emphasizes the importance of time management and advises using the 45/15 technique: studying for 45 minutes, taking a 15-minute break, and then returning to the task at hand. She also encourages students to put their phones away to minimize distractions.

Additionally, Taylor holds dual citizenship, adding to the uniqueness of her background and experiences.