Sophie Stauffer

Firefly Tutors honors Sophie Stauffer as our June Tutor of the Month. While she has lived in three different states, Sophie is currently located in San Jose, CA. As a tutor, her personal favorite subjects include reading, writing, and social studies or history.

Sophie values the importance of building the confidence of her students. Sophie’s favorite tip to help her students learn is to allow students to make choices whenever possible. She suggests even proposing small choices such as, “would you rather practice fractions or word problems next?” Sophie emphasizes that this practice “gives students agency of your time with them.”

One of Sophie’s favorite success stories as a tutor highlights her ability to build confidence within her students. She began tutoring a student who came off as very shy as the student was hesitant with conversation originally. After working together, Sophie stated, “Now she gets excited to read to me and eagerly tells me about what we’ve been learning together.”

In order to best accommodate various learning techniques that students may require, Sophie “finds different strategies to help each student”. This unique challenge allows Sophie to “really get to know the students along the way.”

Sophie’s enthusiasm for education stems from her passion for reading and writing. An interesting fact about her is that she wrote her Master’s thesis on incorporating young adult literature into high school English classes. When she is not enlightening others through education, Sophie enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, and playing with her pug.

We are so grateful for Sophie and all of the life lessons that she teaches her students. Sophie, congratulations on being selected as our June Tutor of the Month.