Sarah Falls

We celebrate Sarah Falls as our Firefly Tutor for March 2022. She resides in La Habra, CA and has been a tutor for over 10 years. Sarah loves that “Ah-ha Moment,” when a student makes the mental connection to understand a concept and solves the puzzle.

Sarah tutors algebra, chemistry, science, special needs, and writing. She also teaches a Creative Writing class to students at a charter school 2 days a week. 

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Neuroscience, with a minor in Philosophy to make a positive difference for others.

Sarah’s favorite tip is to remind students to relax the brain and body and just breathe. Students are surprised at what they can accomplish, especially when they eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. 

Sarah reflects on her success story, “My proudest moment as a tutor has been to witness at risk students get to graduate and walk with their class. The accomplishment and sense of pride on their faces, means that I did my job and I did it well.”

In her free time, Sarah loves to go outdoors or take part in music and art as much as possible. She loves to sing, dance, make art, skate, and perform for other people. She also fire dances! 

Three interesting facts about Sarah. At 17 year of age, she sang for the Pope publicly in Rome, she is an avid non-whistler, and her favorite book is As I lay Dying by William Faulkner.