Rhiannon (Rio) Rodriguez

Introducing Rhiannon (Rio) Rodriguez, our Tutor of the Month for January 2024! Coming from the desert city of Helendale, CA, Rio has been an integral part of the Firefly Tutors family since July 2023, bringing her unique blend of expertise and passion to our team.Rio holds a BA in Health and Human Services with a minor in Child Development, and currently embarks on a journey towards a master's degree in Technology Management.

This diverse educational background equips Rio with a well-rounded approach to tutoring.As a tutor, Rio specializes in math and English Language Arts (ELA) across all grades. Beyond that, Rio has provided valuable assistance with college-level essays, research projects, and is dedicated to working with all students from special education to honors students.

What Rio loves most about being a tutor is the incredible diverse personalities and knowledge that students bring to each session. What highlights Rio's days is the interactions with the kids, finding joy in their unique perspectives and learning styles.Proud moments for Rio include witnessing a student grasp concepts they once found challenging as they reveal their brilliance.

Rio's go-to advice for students emphasizes their inherent intelligence and the idea that not understanding something simply means finding an alternative learning approach.Beyond tutoring, Rio leads a fascinating life. Students are often surprised to learn that Rio is also a student, emphasizing the idea that learning is a lifelong journey.

Rio's creative side shines through various crafts, including drawing, crocheting, jewelry making, wreath crafting, wood burning, glass etching, macramé, and more.

Additionally, Rio loves exploring new recipes in the kitchen.Rio's commitment to students and the colorful array of interests make Rio a standout Tutor of the Month. We are proud to have Rio as an essential part of the Firefly Tutors team!