Randel Chow
City where you live?
San Jose, CA
What do you love most about being a tutor?
As a tutor, I love being able to demonstrate to students their own ability to achieve academic success.
How long have you been a tutor for Firefly Tutors? In general?
I have been tutoring for Firefly Tutors for over a year and a half.  My very first job was as a tutor when I was in high school.  My time working as a tutor adds up to four years total.
What is your favorite tip to help students learn?
For students who have trouble with writing assignments, I find that discussing the topic with the student helps him/her discover what to write.
What is your proudest moment as a tutor?
My proudest moment as a tutor is being featured as Firefly's Tutor of the Month.  Being distinguished professionally among so many talented members of the education community is truly an honor.
Please share one of your favorite student success stories.
In a matter of weeks, I participated in a student's journey from struggling with multiplication facts to effortlessly multiplying three-digit numbers.
What do you love to do in your free time? What are your hobbies and interests?
I am an avid musician. Up until the pandemic, I performed semi-professionally on stage as a guitarist.  I also like writing (fiction and non-fiction), and recently, I got into gardening.
What is your favorite subject? What do you tutor?
My favorite subject is Math.  I have tutored Math, English. Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.
What are three fun facts about you?
I have written or co-written over fifty songs.  I worked on the original shipping/tracking software for FedEx.  I moonlight as a caregiver/administrator at my wife's elderly care home.