Mengran Liu

We celebrate Mengran Liu as our Firefly Tutor of the Month for June 2022.


Mengran tutors the beautiful Chinese language of Mandarin. Native to China, Mengran appreciates that more and more people want to learn her mother language. She observes that many people like herself were born in a non-English speaking country and grow up learning English. Mengran continues to teach Chinese and hopes that Mandarin will become a popular international language the same as English.

 Mengran earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. She was recently accepted as an Education graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. Residing in Pasadena, California, she loves sharing her knowledge with students. Mengran is grateful to learn from her students too.

 Mengran's favorite tip for students is to create games in the subject they are learning to stay focused from distractions or exhaustion.

 Mengran's favorite tutoring memory is when students memorize the words she teaches them. "Each small step you make can be your way to success and progress in your subject."

 In her free time, Mengran enjoys hanging out with friends and playing badminton. She loves to tastes delicious foods from around the world, enjoys staying at home, watching TV or getting a good night of sleep.

 Three interesting facts about Mengran. Her favorite TV show is Modern Family, she studies film, and Chinese was her favorite subject in high school.