Meghan Tristan

We celebrate Meghan Tristan as our Firefly Tutor for November 2022.

Meghan resides in Canyon Country, California and has been tutoring on and off since her middle school years. She is an exceptional tutor who brings out the best in students. 

Meghan loves witnessing students brighten up when they see how well they are progressing. She has always been the kind of person who loves to help others and tutoring is an extraordinary way to help.

Meghan tutors English and Math for Firefly Tutors although her favorite subject is in the culinary arts.

Meghan received an Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts, and a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies.

Meghan’s favorite tip for students is that it isn’t about being perfect in every subject. She tells her students that they should never be afraid to ask for help when they need it. Mistakes are the way to learn in life, and no one is perfect at everything. 

Meghan’s favorite memory from tutoring was when her niece was homeschooling. Her niece displayed low self-esteem and didn’t believe in her own capabilities. In her 8th grade year, she received the honors award from her school for a 3.6 GPA. She was in disbelief of receiving the award showcasing a huge smile that came across her face. This is why tutoring her niece was all worth it. 

In Meghan’s free time, she loves to bake, crochet and sew. Meghan has an Etsy store where she sells various crochet and sewed items. Meghan taught herself how to sew at only 6 years old and has been sewing ever since. 

Meghan’s proudest professional experience comes in the restaurant industry where she worked for 15 years serving patrons who loved her food. 

Interesting facts about Meghan;

  • Meghan goes to the Renaissance Faire every year. Her home is completely engulfed in comic related items. She is a nerd for anything comic or renaissance related. 
  • Meghan loves cooking and baking. She has a baking extravaganza every year for three days right before Christmas time where she makes up to 500 different types of cookies. She gives Chirstmas cookies to family, friends and neighbors and looks forward to sending them to students this year.