Kevin Morales

We'd like to introduce you to one of our tutors, Kevin Morales. Kevin is a recent Brown University graduate who majored in Ethnic Studies and joined the Firefly family eight months ago. Read on to learn more about Kevin's educational background and experience as a tutor!

Kevin is a California native who resides in Beaumont, CA. Kevin graduated from Brown University with honors in 2019. While at Brown, he majored in Ethnic Studies, focusing on studying race and ethnicity in the United States. After graduating from college, Kevin began tutoring and quickly found his niche working with students of all ages. He loves being able to help students understand concepts that they may have struggled with or need help understanding.

Kevin hopes that through his work as a tutor, he can positively influence the lives of students and their families by giving them the tools they need to succeed inside and outside of school.

Kevin tutors K-12 subjects in both English and Spanish while also substitute teaching so he can better understand how each grade level builds onto the other, allowing him to make the greatest impact.

As a teacher, one of the most rewarding aspects of his job is watching students learn, grow, and develop resilience. "One of my proudest moments was when I once had a student who came up with a unique way to learn and have fun simultaneously. This student created an "alphabet hide-and-seek" game where they would run around the playground finding different letters that I had hidden. Watching this student discover and engage with their learning in such an innovative way was terrific."

Kevin is self-motivated and immerses himself in new experiences. He loves to challenge himself, particularly with mastering languages. Kevin is currently learning Mandarin using the app Duolingo. He also enjoys music, having learned to play the trumpet during his high school years. As for something more green thumb related, every summer, he enjoys watching over his vibrant sunflowers as they flourish in his front yard.

We are proud to have a fantastic tutor like Kevin in our Firefly Tutors family! His dedication to help students succeed along with his educational background make him an invaluable asset to our program.