Jeremiah Vue

Hailing from Sacramento, CA, Jeremiah has been a dedicated member of the Firefly Tutors family for over a year, with an impressive five years of tutoring experience under his belt. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics, making him a valuable asset in the world of education.

Jeremiah's tutoring expertise spans a wide range of subjects, including English and Math for students in K-12, ACT/SAT preparation, and college-level math. What truly sets Jeremiah apart is his unwavering commitment to boosting his students' confidence in mathematics. He understands that many students struggle with math due to a lack of confidence, and he takes pride in helping them build the self-assurance needed to tackle math problems independently.

His proudest moments as a tutor come when students express their gratitude for helping them appreciate what they are learning. Jeremiah's valuable advice to his students revolves around the importance of effort and perseverance in achieving success, emphasizing that it starts with the effort they put into even the little things in life.

Beyond tutoring, Jeremiah leads an intriguing life. He's passionate about sustainability and minimizes waste by growing his own food and maintaining a worm farm. Additionally, Jeremiah's family life is vibrant, as he is the 7th child of 9 children, which made for a bustling household during his upbringing.

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Jeremiah's dedication to his students and his multifaceted interests make him a truly exceptional Tutor of the Month. We are proud to have him as a part of the Firefly Tutors team!