Emiliano Noriega-Petti

For our May Tutor of the Month, we are celebrating Emiliano Noriega-Petti. Located in Whittier, California, he has been tutoring most subjects for over a decade. Emiliano’s personal favorite subject matter being English, as his father was a librarian. 

Emiliano’s passion for tutoring is at its highest when he is assisting students in their journey to getting into college. In addition, he is passionate about helping to pair students’ personal life goals with applicable majors. He was able to do this with his student, Noah D. as they started working together beginning when Noah was in 8th grade. With Emiliano’s help, Noah was able to gain acceptance to Xavier University years later. 

By encouraging his students to not be afraid to ask questions, Emiliano has achieved some of the most uplifting results. Emiliano states his proudest moment would have to be, “When a mother of one of his students told him that their child who faces learning challenges was ‘finally understanding and learning’.” 

While an excellent tutor, Emiliano has many other passions. These interests include traveling, painting miniatures, woodworking, and reading novels. His current read is The Smart Swarm by Peter Miller. Lastly, Emiliano currently holds a personal goal of establishing a scholarship in memory of his father by the end of 2022.

The Firefly Tutors team is so grateful to have you as a tutor, Emiliano, and appreciate everything that you do to help our students find success. Congratulations on being selected as our honored Tutor of the Month for May.