Eliza Ross

Eliza is from Apple Valley, California and while she is best versed in anatomy, physiology, and math, she tutors all subjects from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

“What I love most about tutoring is that I am actively engaged with the minds of our future,” says Eliza. “I enjoy seeing how much progress students make and the joy that radiates from their faces when they know they have accomplished something great.”

Eliza believes that every student’s learning need is unique. To help students learn, she leverages different tools and approaches, designing the tutoring ‘from the ground up’ with the goal of enhancing the skills that students already have and to help them develop needed new skills.

Eliza has seen many students struggle from their lifestyle changes due to the pandemic. “I have learned to be a positive light for my students. It makes me feel really good when I hear students say, ‘I cannot wait for our next session’.”

Her favorite success story is about a student she helped that had difficulty focusing and reading. The student had lost confidence and was fearful about school. After working with the student for a full academic year, the student had the ability to read out loud and do math problems in their head.

Eliza’s passion for knowledge and learning underpins everything she does. “Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world,” she says. “Do not be afraid to overindulge in it.”

Thank you Eliza for these words of wisdom.