Dakota Reistad

Dakota is based in Palm Springs, California. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics, and has been tutoring for Firefly Tutors since October of 2022. Dakota specializes in algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry, geometry and physics.

What he loves most about being a tutor is seeing improvement in the student's understanding from session to session, knowing that he has contributed to their growth. Dakota is passionate about helping students succeed and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He strives to make learning fun and accessible for all. He believes that leaning into the unknown can help students explore and understand more.

Three fun facts about Dakota are that he played semi pro rugby for the last two years, is a commercial drone pilot, and is currently working on getting his private pilot's license.  He loves to stay active and is outdoors as much as possible. Dakota brings positive energy to his work and loves to share what he knows with others.  He is passionate about helping students reach their goals and finding success in learning.  

His proudest moments come when he sees a student's understanding improve and gain a sense of victory. Dakota always looks forward to sharing tips and tricks that have helped him along the way.  He believes that if students are determined and willing to practice, their success will come.  He loves being a tutor and enjoys watching his students succeed.  Get ready for an upbeat and inspiring tutoring experience with Dakota!