Bo Neshat

We are delighted to kick-off our Tutor of the Month series by honoring Bo Neshat. A resident of Riverside, California, Bo has been tutoring with A+ In-Home Tutors for over seven years.

What Bo loves most about being a tutor is the fulfillment he receives through supporting his students to achieve success. “My greatest reward comes when I see that light in my student’s eyes,” says Bo. “That light that gleams when they understand how to solve a problem, when they write a great essay -- and the self-confidence that they acquire by doing so.”

While acknowledging the digital world we live in, Bo describes how many students face challenges with online learning. “With the advancement of technology, student attentiveness can be difficult. As a tutor, I am able to offer that missing link called personal attention and be their road map to success.”

Bo’s approach to tutoring is personal with a capital P.

“I understand and apply methods that work best with each student,” says Bo. “Once I find that personal connection with each student a huge part of their success map is done.”

Tutoring over the years has offered Bo much satisfaction through the many students he has helped, including students with special needs. “One of my proudest moments was when my wheelchair-bound student, after multiple brain surgeries, was able to finish their studies and graduate from high school.” Another proud moment was when two of my students with Autism were able to successfully take their finals and graduate from high school.”

Bo’s passion for helping students with special challenges became philanthropic when he asked a parent if he could donate fifteen minutes of his time helping the younger sibling of his student. After only three months, the sibling advanced from reading at the kindergartener level to the third-grade level.

Bo began tutoring as a college student at Wright State University, In just six months, he was selected as lead Algebra tutor. He graduated from Wright State with degrees in Psychology and Political Science and minors in English and French Literature.

In his free time, Bo loves to read and ski. “Reading transports us to a whole different world. During this time when we cannot travel physically, books unlock travel to the Far East, the Roman Empire, Europe, and South America.” When growing up in Europe, skiing was a regular activity for Bo and he appreciates the snowy mountains nearby in Southern California where he enjoys the freedom to ski and be outdoors to clear his mind.

Bo’s closing thoughts:  “I love the gratification I receive being part of my students’ cheerleading squad,” he says.

Thank you Bo for cheering so many students on to success. You are an inspiration. Congratulations on being selected as Tutor of the Month for January.