Ashley Furst

Ashley Furst, from Huntington Beach, CA, is the proud recipient of the March Firefly Tutor of the Month. She earned a Bachelor's degree from Harvard University and has been tutoring through Firefly Tutors for approximately 2.5 years. Ashley specializes in broadcasting, singing, math and writing tutoring. She loves helping students reach that "light bulb moment" when they gain the confidence to see their grades improve. Not only do her students end their sessions with improved grades, but also heightened self-esteem as they sit taller and hold their heads a bit higher. This is something Ashley takes pride in facilitating.

Ashley’s proudest moments are seeing how much her students grow and develop through tutoring. 

Ashley Furst offers three favorite tips for students who struggle with reading and memorization. The first tip is to use musical mnemonics by singing science, history, and vocabulary words to a song of their choice. This allows the student to make connections between the lyrics and material they are trying to learn. The second tip is for students still learning how to read, look for mini words hiding inside larger words that help them sound it out. For parents of students who do not enjoy reading, the third tip is to create a story about the student with their picture at the top so that it is more personally engaging. By using these techniques, Ashley Furst believes that learning can be fun and interactive while increasing comprehension skills and memorization abilities.

Ashley Furst is an accomplished singer, writer and anchor. She is one of the singers featured on a Sony album titled "Christmas Classics" which became a Certified Gold Record along with some of the biggest names in music including; Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Tony Bennett. Ashley also writes and anchors two news shows on iHeart Radio's #1 Space Station called "Space News With Ashley 1st" and "Top 10 Questions". On her show she interviews astronauts as well as space billionaires. Moreover, Ashley is the youngest of five kids in her family and all their names start with "A", including most of their grandkids!

You can find more about Ashley on her shared social media channels; https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashley-furst