Araid Denson

We celebrate Araid Denson as our Firefly Tutor for August 2022. She resides in Corona, California. Araid tutors ELA, Reading and Math for the Special Education student population.

Before tutoring Araid taught high school students from 2002 to 2013. She has been tutoring since 2018. Araid received her Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education with a Reading Certification.

Araid loves sharing her expertise with students in the areas where they struggle. Araid’s favorite tip for students is that students deserve respect. Once they understand their concerns, viewpoints and general outlook on life they are more motivated to learn and work with the teacher. She believes it is important to assess and reflect upon the lessons taught on a daily basis.

Araid’s favorite memory comes from tutoring a student with autism and apraxia. The parents told her that they were informed by the school that the student should pursue a certificate of completion in lieu of a high school regular track diploma. After graduating, he is currently pursuing an accounting career at Southern New Hampshire University.

In Araid’s free time, she loves to collect vintage apothecary bottles. She enjoys reading and crafting flower arrangements in addition to other projects.

Three interesting facts about Araid. 

Fun fact #1; Araid’s father had a Cessna plane in their backyard to prepare flight training lesson plans.

Fun fact #2; While working with P&G, she learned that Ivory Soap started with a machine that was left on by a factory worker, and a bar floated down the Ohio River. The ladies who would wash their clothes on the shore of the river wrote to the company asking for more of “that soap that floats”.

Fun fact #3 Before starting her career as an Educator, she contemplated joining the FBI.