Anicia Hibon

What Anicia loves most about being a tutor is serving the unique needs of each student and helping them succeed. “Each student and each assignment is different -- the opportunities are endless for a flexible and rewarding service to others.”

A Unique Approach to Tutoring: Use Movement, Engage the Senses, Have Fun

Anicia’s favorite learning tip is to engage all the senses and to use movement in the learning process. “Get your body involved - move, sing, write, speak, smile! The more your senses are engaged, the more you will retain.”

Anicia finds it rewarding when she helps a student exceed their goals. “I had a student who wanted to get in a geometry class and needed to score high on his placement exam. We worked on algebra and math reasoning during the summer. He felt very confident taking the exam and was thrilled when he not only got into the class, he got one of the top scores!”

What does Anicia do in her free time? “I spend most of my free time with my wonderful husband and our two rescue dogs. We enjoy watching movies, talking to family, and solving crossword puzzles together.” Anicia also keeps busy with her seamstress business, she is a voracious reader, and volunteers for a local nonprofit that provides hot showers for the homeless.

Here are three fun facts about Anicia:
  • “As a musician, my main instrument is the Finnish kantele, a folk harp, that I learned while in Finland as a foreign exchange student.”
  • “I raced BMX bicycles with my husband and our two boys and earned a District #1 plate!”
  • “I am spoiled when it comes to meal prep - my husband's cooking skills outshine anything we can get delivered.”

In reflecting on her proudest moment as a tutor, Anicia says, “When I wrap up a lesson, I like to ask my student what they learned and how he/she would rate the lesson. Recently, my proudest moment as a tutor was when a young student said he wanted to learn more and that he had fun. Whoo hoo - SUCCESS!”

Thank you Anicia for helping so many students succeed with your fun and creative approach to tutoring. You are an inspiration.