Alexis Singleton

We celebrate Alexis Singleton as our Firefly Tutor of the Month for January 2023. She resides in Orange, California, and has tutored with Firefly Tutors since June 2022. Alexis loves accompanying students on their journey of understanding. She puts in perspective that being able to witness the growth in others directly is so fulfilling. 

An interesting fact about Alexis is that she was a young tutored student of Diane Lewis (CEO of Firefly Tutors). Alexis is now following in Diane's footsteps, becoming a tutor herself.

Alexis tutors reading, math, and writing. Her favorite subjects are psychology and the social sciences because she earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Her favorite tip is to demonstrate how to "chunk" information—showing students that breaking down and certain grouping aspects of a question or problem helps with organization and processing. It also assists with moving past that initial barrier of frustration that can come with overwhelming topics. 

Alexis shares that there are many proud moments in her tutoring. When tutoring a six-year-old in math, Alexis' student had trouble focusing. There was one day when Alexis proposed a challenge. The session's goal was to complete a certain amount of pages in her workbook. After a few minutes and some baffled looks toward her tutor(Alexis), she locked in, entirely focused. She finished all the pages with most of the answers correct and at an incredible pace. When Alexis said how long it took, she looked at her with that same surprised look. She then exclaimed, "oh my goodness, I did it! I did it so fast!". She was so proud of herself, and Alexis was so proud of her too.

Another success story includes helping a student count change faster and more accurately. It seemed like a real obstacle for him in his life, one that he wanted to work on but didn't know how. Previously struggling to count to two dollars in change, he can now lean over twenty dollars worth and add bills as well. He's more confident than ever with counting and using money and continues to improve every session. His progress is something that continues to impress Alexis.

She loves playing Dungeons and Dragons, coaching lacrosse, reading dystopian books, swimming, hiking, writing, and listening to music and podcasts.