Alex Zhong

Firefly Tutors honors Alex Zhong as our July Tutor of the Month. Alex currently resides in Rowland Heights, CA. Alex tutors math and English. His personal favorite subjects include mathematics, astronomy, and science.

Alex values making new friends with students, and passing on knowledge to help them. Alex’s favorite tip; “We find success from our failure, and it’s ok to make a mistake if we are willing to correct it.” He suggests, “When my students share their happy and sad thoughts with me, and that’s the moment I know we have built a trust and connection with each other so I can pass on my knowledge and experience to them.”

One of Alex’s favorite success stories as a tutor highlights his ability to build confidence within his students. Alex met with a 7th grade student twice a week for mathematics. Her end semester score showed that she jumped from 27% to the national norm of 74% in one semester. Her Math teacher commented “amazing growth” on her academic report.

Alex’s enthusiasm for education stems from his joy in how he relates to his students. As a grown up, Alex still enjoys many things that younger kids like, such as video games, comic books, anime, and toys. He enjoys the conversation with his students on trending topics and finds our common enthusiasm.

Alex was born in China and lived there until 10th grade before coming to the United States. Alex says that the student life was much more difficult there. 

When he is not enlightening others through education, Alex enjoys going to the beach, playing guitar, basketball, skimboarding, watching movies, and cooking.

We are so grateful for Alex and all of the life lessons that he teaches students. Alex, congratulations on being selected as our July Tutor of the Month.